OCT's Blue Meadow Project

savvy navvy zum ersten Navigationspartner des führenden Seegrassymposiums ernannt

As the first navigation app on the market showcasing global seagrass, savvy navvy was appointed an official Blue Meadows project partner at the inaugural UK Seagrass Symposium organised by the Ocean Conservation Trust (OCT).

The core aim of the Blue Meadows project is to protect 30% of all UK seagrass meadows and restore 50 hectares of seagrass beds in the UK over the next ten years.

The Seagrass Symposium, held from 9-10 November at the National Marine Aquarium in Plymouth, saw over 150 leading scientists, policy makers and community groups coming together to discuss the importance of protecting seagrass. Being the first navigation app to digitally showcase UK seagrass data, savvy navvy brings greater awareness to water-users on sensitive seabed location and encourages them to minimise disruption, especially through anchoring.

“Already through our partnership, we have been able to bring sensitive seagrass data to the digital platform, savvy navvy, allowing boat users to see where seagrass habitats are so they can avoid anchoring in these areas. This is the first data of its kind to be added to a navigational app, so it’s a big win for sensitive seagrass habitats”, said Roger Maslin, CEO of the Ocean Conservation Trust.

Seagrass meadows store 10% of the ocean’s carbon and are key protagonists in the combat of climate change. Since launching the #protectourbeds campaign earlier this year savvy navvy has worked closely with Clean Sailors and OCT expanding the seagrass data in the app, as contributors have come forward from the UK, Europe, the USA and the Channel Islands.

Blue Meadows Project - Seagrass

“Sponsoring the inaugural Seagrass Symposium was all about showing our ongoing commitment to sustainable boating. Having so many leading scientists come over to us thanking us for bringing their science to life, digitally showcasing their data to boaters across the globe was of course a highlight – but helping boaters to make better choices when out on the water is really what it’s all about,” says David Cusworth, Head of Innovation and Partnerships at savvy navvy.

Users of savvy navvy users are able to see the location of existing seabeds and where available, nearby eco-moorings are clearly marked in the app - encouraging our boating community to make more informed anchoring choices when out on the water.

To find out more or to download the savvy navvy app to see seabeds near you visit www.savvy-navvy.com .

To find out more about OCT’s Blue Meadows project.

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